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Univeks was established in 2011 as the Foreign Trade Company and focused on developing Turkey’s export potential. Univeks with its accumulated expertise, modern and dynamic structure and specialized
Our Company has launched to be operated in 1983 as Hikmet Nalbantoglu Customs Consultancy, Export-Import Consultancy, International Transportation and Organization Company. Beginning from that year; our Company has lived the honour that we have successfully implemented the activities from investment phase to key-delivery at establishment of huge built-in plants in Turkey and also from the period of establishment, our Company managed to complete the responsibilities till supply-chain process. Our Company, which has launched to work together with Tuna Trade Ltd. within the scope of export-import starting from the year 2003, have taken part in various projects that makes the country gain foreign exchange thanks to our wide connection to many countries till today.
Our Company was established in August 2007 by CEO Mohammed Zakir KHAN in the city of Mevlânâ Celâleddîn-i Rûmî in Konya. Our company's main mission is; food, pulses, oilseeds, animal feed and spices a
As TNT Trade Foreign Trade Con. Ind. LLC. we have been serving our customers in many countries around the world. With our vehicle fleet we transport to many countries in Africa, Middle East and especially Europe. Our product range is expanding day by day in beverage, dry packaging services, liquid and dry food, pulses, soft drinks, mineral water, carbonated beverages, energy drinks, iced tea, fruit juice, fruity milk, cooking oils and butter, olive varieties, pickles and sauces, canned food, Textile products, fabric, clothing … Our Company is working with appropriate suppliers and food manufacturers, with our expert team, we handle the products obtained from the qualified people to the address. Our Company has a reliable and reputable name, what drives us to continuously improve ourselves, and according to the revision of the era's needs we aim to carry the right product in the most accurate and fastest way. We provide our customers with high quality and fast logistics. Our comapny’s main goal is to deliver the orders to our customers in the safest way. Due to our quality service, we keep the customers expectations at the highest level and our orders are delivered to you immediately. Providing an efficient logistics services, our modern vision and quality service as a company drive us to provide the most efficient transportation services. Thanks to years of experience without compromising our quality and transportation in many parts of the world we work to ensure that you reach your products in the safest way.